Huntsville Chapter Membership:

  • $50 annually


National Memberships:

  • SENIOR MEMBER: A graduate of an engineering college or university or a registered Professional Engineer or Architect with six years' experience in energy engineering or energy management.
    • $195 annually
  • MEMBER: An individual with an engineering, architectural, business, or law degree or a registered Professional Engineer or Architect. (Persons who are qualified by experience or related degree may petition in writing for full membership consideration.)
    • $195 annually
  • AFFILIATE MEMBER: A person interested in the objectives of AEE who does not meet the criteria to be a full member.
    • $195 annually
  • CORPORATE MEMBER: A company can increase its exposure to the industry by becoming a corporate member in AEE.  It's logo will be featured in the corporate member showcase and online.  A corporate membership has three individual AEE members and additional members may be added at a reduced rate.
    • $1395 annually
  • INDIVIDUAL CORPORATE MEMBER: If your company is an AEE corporate member you receive a special membership discount.
    • $160 annually
  • STUDENT MEMBER: An individual who is a full-time matriculated student (send evidence of full-time student status).
    • $15.00 annually
  • RETIRED MEMBER: An individual retired full-time who is no longer involved in any career activity
    • $15 annually
  • LIFE MEMBER: Open to all individuals.
    • $1495