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Redstone Federal Credit Union


Supercritical Transformational Electric Power


Roger Herdy, Government Energy Solutions


The sCO2 Brayton cycle energy conversion system transforms heat energy to electrical energy through the use of a supercritical fluid (i.e. sCO2) rather than through traditional steam and water (Rankine cycle) systems commonly in use today in nuclear, coal, gas, and concentrating solar plants. The sCO2 Brayton cycle has the potential to reach thermal efficiencies much greater than the Rankine cycle. The average efficiency percentage of U.S. fleet of Rankine cycle power plants is in the lower 30 percent range and the thermal efficiencies of modern supercritical steam cycles are in the low to mid-40 percent range.

The sCO2 Brayton cycle, by comparison, has the potential to attain efficiencies of greater than 50 percent and reduce water use.